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The Healing Process: Expectations vs Reality

Between hustle culture, and the high expectations we set for ourselves, it's not uncommon to think healing will be a swift and linear process. In reality though, this way of thinking is likely to cause disappointment. Let's talk about why that is.


Pilates 101: What is it? Why do it? And Everything Else you Want to Know.

Chances are you've heard about our new Pilates Studio by now. But what exactly is Pilates? And if you do decide to try it, what do you bring to the first class? How do you prepare? Today we're breaking down the Pilates experience with Pilates 101: What is it? Why do it? And Everything else you want to know.


The Secret to Managing Shoulder Pain: From a Chiropractor

‍One of the most common– and persistent– musculoskeletal conditions shoulder pain will reportedly affect approximately 67% of Australians at some point within their life time (Ackerman, et al. 2018).Fortunately, our Chiropractors are well versed in the treatment of this issue and have compiled a list of their best kept 'secrets' around managing shoulder pain specifically.


"It's not just a headache!" Let's Talk About Migraines.

Did you know migraines are 3 times more common in women than in men? Often debilitating, this headache disorder can last from hours to sometimes days and may leave you feeling exhausted or defeated.


Forget "Bouncing Back". Our New Take on Postnatal Pilates.

There are a lot of implications around the fourth trimester of pregnancy, the most prominent being the implied need to “bounce back”. After having her own child and experiencing these unhealthy pressures, our founder sought to make a difference– by creating an exercise program designed to aid and restore the postnatal body, with an understanding that the goal isn’t to “look the same as before” but rather to feel strong and confident and embrace the magic of your body.


Product Spotlight: Foam Rollers

Cooler weather will cause your muscles to contract and may lead to a tightness in your joints that can cause damage. Looking after your body by stretching, including using a tool such as a foam roller can protect you against this as well as help you to move better. Keep reading for some of our Chiropractor’s favourite ways to use foam rollers.