The Healing Process: Expectations vs Reality

The Healing Process: Expectations vs Reality

When it comes to healing, there's our expectations... and then there's reality.

Between hustle culture, and the high expectations we set for ourselves, it's not uncommon to think healing will be a swift and linear process. In reality though, this way of thinking is likely to cause disappointment. Let's talk about why that is.

The thing about injuries, is that we as people often aren't very good at listening to our bodies when they try to bring them up for the first time. Instead, we'll push the thought away until the pain is no longer easily ignored. By the time we finally do go to the doctor, things tend to be much worse than if we'd simply taken that initial cue. So what happens once we do initiate care?

The healing process can be broken down into 3 phases:

1. Relief Care

2. Decision Making

3. Wellness

RELIEF CARE is all about addressing your current symptoms. This stage will leave you feeling better, but is designed to only address the outcomes of discomfort, and not the actual thing causing it.

The next stage, DECISION MAKING, is when it all comes down to you, and the choose you make. At this point you must decide if you are happy with temporary relief or if you want to stick around and fix the problem. We understand that circumstances are different for anyone, and will be respectful of your choice either way.

The final stage is WELLNESS. At this stage the body begins to run like a well oiled machine, meaning your in optimal condition and only need the occasional adjustment to keep you on track!

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