Product Spotlight: Foam Rollers

Product Spotlight: Foam Rollers

Cooler weather will cause your muscles to contract and may lead to a tightness in your joints that can cause damage. Looking after your body by stretching, including using a tool such as a foam roller can protect you against this as well as help you to move better. Keep reading for some of our Chiropractor’s favourite ways to use foam rollers.

For Back Pain

From back pain, to tight muscles, to headaches, chances are you’re familiar with the implications of poor posture.

To relieve these symptoms, place a foam roller perpendicular to yourself and slowly lay down. Then, using your legs roll your body up and down. This will help to roll out your muscles and reduce tension on the spine

For Shoulder Pain

A lot of people carry their stress in the upper back and shoulders. This can cause “knots” in our muscles to form. Using a foam roller can help to target and relieve these sore spots.

Lay on your side with the foam roller tucked under the side of your chest. Extend the arm closest to the floor away from your body, keeping the leg that is closest to the floor straight. Use your other leg to prop up your body by placing it in front of you. Slowly roll up the body, rotating backwards as needed to find the sore spots.