Pilates 101: What is it? Why do it? And Everything Else you Want to Know.

Pilates 101: What is it? Why do it? And Everything Else you Want to Know.

Chances are you've heard about our new Pilates Studio by now. But what exactly is Pilates? And if you do decide to try it, what do you bring to the first class? How do you prepare? Today we're breaking down the Pilates experience with Pilates 101: What is it? Why do it? And Everything else you want to know.

1. What is Reformer Pilates?

Starting out our questions list with what exactly is Reformer Pilates? And how is it different to any other type of Pilates I might have done before? Pilates is a low-impact, total body workout that aims to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Reformer Pilates simply refers to the equipment used. A reformer machine adds more resistance than typical body weight, making for a more effective workout.

Myth: Because you're laying down, Pilates is easy.

Fact: Laying down can actually make for a more intense workout, this is because you're having to focus on activating the right muscles– which you may not be used to– as well as the fact that the machine is weighted with adjustable variables (so your workout can be just as easy– or hard– as you're ready to make it).

2. Why do Pilates?

There are a variety of reasons why pilates might be the right fit for you. Maybe it was recommended by a physician as a way to strengthen/stablilise your core and back muscles, maybe you have a goal of losing weight and find traditional gym work just doesn't cut it for you, or maybe your post partum and ready to get your body moving again. Whatever your reason is, chances are pilates will be a benefit to you. From stretch and mobility to traditional reformer, it's easy to "find your fit" at the Function.all Pilates Studio.

3. What about the First Class?

What do I wear? What should I bring? Will I sweat? These are all questions we commonly get when it comes to preparing for your first pilates class.

When it comes to what to wear and bring, we recommend:

  • Clothes that breathe
  • A slightly tighter/firmer top and bottoms; baggy tops may end up being revealing when doing certain exercises
  • Grippy socks; while they are not an essential, they will provide more traction on the machine making it easier to follow along with the exercises
  • Don’t have a pair of socks? Don’t worry! You can purchase some inside our studio
  • A water bottle

In terms of sweat, while you probably won't get too hot, it can be a good idea to bring a small towel to wipe your face.

Still nervous? Check out our instagram page @functionalliedhealth and find our reel series #comealongwithme which shows the experiences of one of our team members trying out each class for the first time.

"Don't let fear of the first class get in your way."

Overall Pilates is a fun, low-impact workout that will get your body moving and improving. If you're curious about booking but have concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us by email at pilates@functionalliedhealth.com or use the website chat box to get in touch. We want our studio to feel like a safe place for everyone and are here to chat through any questions or fears you may have.